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Our First Date
by Gareth Leow
I was sitting at the table tapping my fingers anxiously, feeling excited yet apprehensive. The moderate sea breeze didn't seem to calm me down one bit. As I sat gazing at the edge of the waters where the sky meets the sea, I felt a stir at the table. It was you, Jenny. My heart was thumping so fast... My ears and cheeks were flushing red, I believe. You just smiled at me and with the sweetest voice of the heavens said "HI!" I smiled back sheepishly and thanked you for coming. The crystal blue water beneath us couldn't match the innocent look in your big blue eyes. I was a bunch of nerves at that time when you suggested flipping thought the menu. I agreed readily, with relief. You were dressed casually that day, but it did not undermine your beauty one bit. You were wearing a white t-shirt with the words Texas Angels in bold red. A matching Levi's jacket and tight fit jeans. You had no idea how cute that was! My heart was leaping with joy when you said I looked smart with my shirt and sleeveless polo pull-over. I mentioned that I really like the way your nice blonde hair was pulled back into a neat ponytail with that simple black clip and you beamed with that lovely look on your face. I was certainly at the right place at the right time, with the right girl of my life. We ordered our food with the friendly waitress. The day seemed so perfect that I could feel my heart wanting to burst into a song as I slowly eased into comfort being with you. To be continued...

Upon finishing our meal, I suggested watching a movie. You mentioned that a stroll by the beach was more preferable. What was I thinking?! Next, was something that I never expected? You clanged onto my arm and gave me such a girlish smile that my heart melted. It could definitely be re-molded into the shape of a heart! I was nervous and tried my best to accommodate your pace as you were walking very slowly, savoring every moment that we were spending together. The moonlit night sky made the ambience that we were assimilating into such a wonderful paradise. The sound of the lapping waves and your gentle whispers that were caressing my skin ever so gently, made me wonder how real this scenario was. The answer was found when you gave me a peck on the cheek. I grew courageous and turned you around, holding you by your waist. You were so close to me, I could smell your scent, so sweet. You rested your head on my chest and hugged me tight. I bit you on the neck gently, pulled you apart and pressed my lips against yours. It was such a magical moment. We began kissing and I felt you, the whole of you, so soft. Your hands around my neck. I looked at you straight in the eye and said:" I love you Jennifer, never shall we part this lifetime."

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