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The Best Friendship Poems For You!
Friendship poems for you and your Friends! You will find here poems and
quotes about best friends, broken friendship, love and friendship poetry.
Friendship adds beauty to our life!
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Best Friends Poems
Best Friends Poems
No matter what happens they will
always be here because no one
love you like your best friends do!
Love and Friendship Poems
Love and Friendship Poems
You are my best friend, love
and soulmate. I Love You
with all my heart!
Thinking of You Poems
Thinking of You Poems
My world is lonely when
you are not with me.
Thinking of You!
Broken Friendship
Broken Friendship
Friendship is like glass, once it's
broken it can never be fixed to the
same standard as it was made.
My Beautiful Friend by Emma
You made me laugh when I cried so hard
You gave me bracelets to cover my scars
You held me close when I was so cold
You offered a comforting hand to hold

You picked me up whenever I fell
You showed me heaven when I was blinded by hell
You answered my calls in the darkened night
You gave me the reasons to hold on and fight

You rescued me when I was drowning in pain
You placed me back on the right path again
You loved me forever and stayed by my side
You entered my heart as an angel to guide

You may not be with me so much anymore
But I know you will leave open a beckoning door
I miss you so much but I'll fight till the end
I love you so much my Bestest friend.
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