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The kiss that changed the rest of my life
by Tiffany
I was only 18 years old, new to the dating world and very curious of what my first kiss would be like. I remember all the details; I was sitting on his sofa, watching some TV, not expecting anything to happen. I looked over at him during one of those mushy love scenes. He looked back and gave me this incredible smile. I smiled and he grabbed my hand. We held hands for a while and just looked into each other's eyes. I kept saying to myself how beautiful this guy was and how bad I just wanted to kiss him. Then, he broke the silence by telling me how beautiful I looked. I couldn't say a thing! My lips were stuck; my mouth was dry; I couldn't move. I was sooooo nervous, I can't even tell ya. Then, he just smiled and leaned in. At this time, I was freaking out, hoping that I wouldn't do anything to mess this first kiss thing up. It seemed like forever. At first, he kissed my cheek and looked back into my eyes. I was speechless. He moved a little closer and said, “Would it be alright if I gave you a little kiss?” “YES!” just some how blurted out my mouth. I tried to hold my nervousness down while we locked lips. It was amazing, his lips felt so soft and warm. We went real slowly. Then, as we both felt more comfortable, we gave each other a deep French kiss. I couldn't even believe what I as doing! After about 15 minutes of slow, soft kisses, I was practically on top of him. I never wanted it to stop. We kissed each other and held hands that way for hours. I couldn’t even think, I was enjoying this kiss so much. It was great. Everybody always had told me how their first kiss was a disaster and it was totally unbearable, but this was so different. It was magical and so very special. We are still together after 4 years and I am so happy to still be with the very first guy I ever kissed! :)

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