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by Anonymous
I was 18 years old and never been kissed. I’d always just been shy with guys, I guess, and never got a head start like most girls in my school!

I met this guy who actually pursued ME and got my number from a friend. We started talking and he was the sweetest kid ever, everything I had been looking for! We hung out a couple of times, but I was still pretty shy and nothing had really ever happened between us. One night, we went to this park where there’s a kid's playground and everything. For a while, we just swung on the swings and stuff, but then we started walking toward a pond at the corner of the park, sort of isolated. It was REALLY romantic, with it being evening and the sun setting and all...makes me breathless just thinking about it! So as we start to walk around the pond, he slowly slips his fingers between mine, making my heart skip a beat. I’m glad we weren't looking at each other because my face was probably redder than my shirt! We continue to walk around, just talking and enjoying the beautiful evening. When we reached the far side of the pond he slowed down and we stopped. As we stopped, he turned to face me and got pretty close to me, still holding hands. He looked down, smiling at me with his beautiful brown eyes. He said, "So, you've really never been kissed?" At this point, I knew it was coming. "Nope, not yet…" I replied. "Well, would you like me to change that?" he asked. "Yes." I barely got it out because I was so nervous, excited, and anxious all at the same time. He then slipped his hands onto my waist and leaned his face in toward mine to kiss me. As our lips touched, I suddenly felt like everything in the world was mine and in reach. I felt so secure and perfect, just standing there on that beautiful summer night kissing. We kissed for a while and then both pulled away as a frog jumped between us! We both looked into each others eyes and leaned in once more for another kiss. The second was even better than the first and I wished it would never end. Ironically, the best part was when we were pulling away from each other. He ever-so gently kissed my cheek, right next to my lips. It gave me chills down through my toes and it was the best feeling in the world. I felt SO in love with him and as we walked around the rest of the pond, his arm around my waist, we barely said a word, basking in each other’s presence. From there to his car, we walked hand in hand, gently playing with each others' fingers and enjoying each other and the night. It was the most romantic and wonderful night of my life and still, when I think of it, I get a warm sensation in me and a feeling almost like I can’t breathe. It’s breathtaking, really.

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