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by Mel
It was during the movies, at my house. We were sitting on the couch. My family was upstairs (we were having a reunion). We were sitting on the couch and watching a movie. The words that were coming out of their mouths were nonsense. I could not understand them. It was English, but it did not make any sense. I was not concentrating. Time passed. It was over. It was over? I wished to start it all over again, so we could spend more time together in the dark. Being near is all I need. He took the remote and started from the beginning. He read my mind. He said, "Do you mind if we start it over? I was not concentrating on the story line." I said, "Alright." It happened again. The time flew, like birds on wings. I enjoyed the nearness of his body. We scooted closer to each other without even noticing. We were close, really close. His arm was around me. Safe. I felt so safe. I was trying to pay attention to the story line now because I was scared that I would fall in love, just to fall in the dirt. He was stroking my hair, now. I did not know what to do. I was scared. I took my hand, and stroked his face, tracing the lines of his face and scars of wounds. What was I doing?! He leaned forward. The movie was still playing. Leaning forward, his lips touched mine. Tender. Slow. Soft lips. Everything I wanted. He read my mind. Minutes went by. It was interminable. I loved every second. It was beautiful. It was during the movies, at my house.

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