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A Forbidden Love
by Anonymous
My story begins a few summers ago. Something was in the air that day. Birds were chirping and everything was alive. I had been depressed for about a year before that day.

I was walking along the beach at the campground when my life would change forever. From a distance I saw a handsome young man admiring me from afar. Are eyes met and it was like nothing I had ever felt before. We began to walk closer together like something out of a movie. I felt on top of the world, my eyes were sparkling and my stomach fluttering, as we walked closer and closer to each other.

When we were together he got on his knee and said the most romantic things he stood up and spoke my fluent language, French. At that point I knew he had my heart. We began to talk and it lasted till 2:00am that next morning. Turns out he lives about 10 minutes from where I was currently living.

After I returned home we started seeing more of each other. He was beginning to get serious. I fought the depression and soon I was glowing with life and he was the world to me. My anything and everything. We had been going out for about 6 months when he met my

My mother disapproved of him because of his flaw and soon banned me from seeing him. For a while we went out against her will and had 4 more months of endless happiness. I had met someone who I loved and would spend the rest of my life with him.

On our 1-year anniversary we went out to a fancy French Restaurant as were leaving a man came out of the shadows with a gun. He took my purse and Jason's wallet. Someone saw this crime-taking place and screamed at the man to stop. Jason threw himself in front of me and the gun went off. The robber ran off into the night and left Jason to die.

I held him for the longest time as he bled to his death. Right before he died he told me that we would be together again. He said he loved me and that I would always be in his heart. As he drew his last breath my heart was torn in half. He lay there dead in my arm staring at me with his crystal blue eyes.

Jason Died on April 20, 1996. But he will always be in my heart. Whenever the wind blows I can still here him whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

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