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How I Met The Love Of My Life...
by Amanda Gower
Me and my best friend were in her car and riding around just hanging out and having fun. Then we went to go pick up her boyfriend and decided that we were going to go out and have the time of our life tonight. Well I was all for it but they thought I would be down and out so while they were thinking on what they were going to do. We went to meet up with one of Michael's friends Travis. I met him and we talked he was very nice and had a great since of humor and was very hilarious.

So we left Michael there at Tavis's house and me and Angel went to go to the bank and to get some food cause we had the munchies. So after that we came back and Angel said she'd be right back. Well I waited and waited. Got tired of waiting so I got me a cigarete and grabbed Tracy Angel's baby and was fixing to get out when Angel cam walking back to the car. She was smiling ear to ear. I asked her what she was smiling about and she said that Travis wanted to know all kinds of things about me and wanted to know my age and where I was from and if I had said anything about him.

Well said I didn't care if he went with us. We went out had a great time. I week later he asked me out. And we have fallen so in love with each other. He has bought me a necklace and a dog and I'm even wearing his class ring. I am 19 and he is 21 and this is the happiest I have been in a long time.

My past relation ships were always a waste of time but you learn from the past things and realize that there are ways of solving the same situations in different manners. An trust me it takes mistakes alot of times to make a stronger relationship but I am glad there has not been a mistake yet and hopefully never.

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