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He had me from hello
by Amy
I just got divorced a little over six months ago. I wasn't looking for anything or anyone. I pretty much had decided to not ever become involved again because it would mean getting hurt. I'm a very loving heartfelt person and when I had to deal with infedelity on my husbands part. I just couldn't handle the idea of ever wanting to try again with another. All the while my closest friends tried setting me up on blind dates that never happened! I have to laugh about it because I really gave them a hard time. A guy would call me up and I would flat out tell thanks for calling...goodbye.
It was late March that I was asked to work a night shift, I work in a hospital as a phlebotomist. I had never worked a night shift before so It was different. I went down to the Er to draw a patient. I had no idea what was in store for me...or that I would soon be blown away. In he walked and I felt a breeze blow by me so I turned around to see what it was. I saw this handsome guy dressed in an EMT uniform. I don't even think he was paying any attention to me, and I tried so hard not to stare. But I was helpless, because my attention was all focused on what he was doing. I thought to myself...he's probably married. How could someone that beautiful be single and alone? And oh he was so beautiful. A natural smile that captured me everytime I looked at him in that single 10 minutes I shared the same room with him. Then he walked out and I thought I would never see him again. A couple weeks later I had a pop up ad in my email from a site called Dream I put a profile of myself on there and the computer matches you up with people who may be of interest to you. I had his match in my email the next day so I went with it..not knowing that the guy I was going to email was the same beautiful guy I had seen that one night. I sent him an email and he responded to it within a day. We got to talking later on after a couple of exchanged emails. I learned that he worked out of the same hospital at times. He described himself, and I knew he was the guy I had seen that night. We met and had a wonderful lunch. He too is going through a divorce as well, and right now he is at the stage where he is uncertain if getting involved again is worth it. His divorce has all the same circumstances as mine did, and we seem to have so much in common. I feel so compelled in wanting to give him my heart. He makes me so happy, happier than I ever was with my ex husband. Hopefully this "How we Met" story will have a real love story soon....I'll let you know. Craig, in such a short time you become such an essential part of me. I wake up each day and can't imagine not hearing your voice or seeing your beautiful face. You have shown me that I do have the ability after all to love again. I do love you and I'll spend every day for the rest of my life living to show you.

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