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Im going to tell u how me and my husband met
by Stacy
Hi, im a 22 year old female and i wanted to tell you about my story.. i met my husband through my little sister, one of those blind date kind of things.. I went along with it i knew it wouldn't last but anyway, she was dating his cousin so she asked them to come over to my dads house so he could meet me and that was on november 28th, 2004.. right after i graduated.. they come over and we set on my dads couch and started talking, kinda weird with my step mom sitting there watching every step we made, we then decided to go outside and talk somemore.. they wanted to go to the movies but we didn't. we stayed outside and talked while they set in the truck. then a few mins after that my dad showed up and boy i was worried, he didn't really care for my husband that much.. after that the next day we talked on the phone and he asked me if i wanted to go to the parade with him, i said i would, he came over that night to get me and asked my dad if he could take me to the parade. i thought it was sweet.. we continued to date.. i met his family and in about january 2005, we moved in together.. i knew he was the one i was going to spend the rest of my life with him, i guess you could say it was kinda love a first sight.. he was so sweet and charming and i loved everything about him.. well as the months went on he asked me to marry him, i know alittle to soon huh?? well i didn't think so, so i said yes.. we got married on may 7th, 2005.. and i found out i was pregnant with my daughter in september of 2005..i was happy i had the love of my life and alittle girl on the way.. my life was great... my daughter was born and life was great.. i never thought meeting someone as a blind date kinda thing would turn out like this... it has been 4 years and i still love him with all my heart... we are still together and wouldn't want it anyother way... just thought you would like to hear my story, sorry its so long but i just had to tell it...

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