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true love is blind
by Ashish
True Love Is Blind
My name is Aditya Singh. I was living in the place called Ooty (India). I was having a perfect life. I had “everything what I needed at that time.
I had my exams on my head coming. I was in 10th standard at that time. I was studying hard because I wanted to do better in the 10th standard. After my exams I was getting a bit bored. Then I got good news at least for me. I had to go to my cousin’s marriage in Goa (India) I was happy. I thought that it will be a good refreshment and I will enjoy a lot because a liked to spend time with my cousin’s.
On 16th of June I reached Goa. My cousin’s were there to pick me up. I liked the place very much and after all it was a beach side which is different from the place where I lived. Actually I liked to surf and I did a lot of water surfing. And the day of marriage was coming closure and the relatives and friends started to come. But there were few who came before there was a girl named Asihma Singh. She was from Assam. At first day I thought she was proud of her beauty and her manners. But later I realized that she is not proud. She just did not talked much to stranger which I was for her at that time. But she was nice with everyone she knew. As I came to know her I started to like her behavior and also her way of talking. Then we became friends she was afraid of surfing but she liked it so there was a chance for coming close to her. I took that chance and taught her surfing in just two weeks meanwhile a came close to her as I thought and the day of marriage came on 2nd July she just got too busy and she did not get time even to take with me. Then I just did not cared it much. But one day I asked her why she is not even talking with me she said,” I don’t need to talk to a freak like you, you are not different you are just like other boys you guys make friendship with girls like us and after that you guys look for a chance and after that you know what I mean so just stay away for me”, I was quite emotional at that time so I thought that I lost a friend of mine. After two days there was a chaos created in my cousin house on the topic of arrangement of marriage. The bride sides told that arrangement were not good enough although the bride did not had any problems with the arrangements. I went to beach side to just fresh up my mind and I saw Asihma there, she was crying. She saw me and came and holeded me and said,” Aditya why these things happen (because her parents were the one to be blamed the most)”, at that time I realized that she needed a friend to share her sadness. I replied, “I don’t know but what ever happened was not good”, we then talked till10:30 at night. The next day she told me ,” I was wrong about you you are not like all the other boys I am sorry so will you be my friend again” I replied,” yes, but only if you promise me that you will again not break this friendship if you agree then fine” she repiled,” sure I promise I will not break this friendship again” I will never forget that day. On that day we both were really busy so that was the only words we spoke to each other.
On 6th july we went to the beach side and we both strated to talk with each other and I don’t know why but she asked me,” Do you have any grilfriend in Ooty?” I thought that how about making a story about it and those days I liked to make stories which were not true and I replied with a false story. I tlod her,” I had” she asked,” What do you mean by “I had”?” I said,” I meant had before but now she thinks I like someone else” she asked,” Can you tell me why?” I replied with a sad look,” Emily was her name. She liked me very much but one day she saw me with a girl in restaurant. Actually she was he new student of the tuter I took tution with and she lived near my house and she did not kenw the way to that tuters house so our tuters said ,” Aditya you pick her from her house and bring her with you to tution” I said,” Ok sir” so this is the reason she was with me at that time and in the restaurant because I came out of my home with having my lunch so I was having lunch there and there was my mistake. I picked her before having my lunch in the restaurant. And the girl with I was in the restaurant that day liked me from before and Emily knew it from before only. And she thought that I also started to like her. And this is how I lost her” I asked Asihma,” anyway why did you asked it” she replied,” nothing. I just wanted to know about your life in Ooty. Then I also asked her the same question and her replay was,” I don’t really have a boyfriend cause in our school there are two different timings of classes for boys and girls after 6th standard but in the 6th standard I liked a boy and only boy his name was Michel. “I asked,” And now do you like him now”. She replied,” yes his is not bad I like him because of his behavior but I don’t love him so just not think that he is my lover.” Then I asked her, “Why you don’t like boys” she replied,” Not all but few of them enjoy disturbing people. I don’t like those kinds of boys, that’s all,” I asked to her,” Just for few boys you don’t like all the boys” she said,” All the boys I mate accept few were all those kinds of boys”,
After that we talked about our favorite things and almost the whole day went on that talking. It was early evening the sky was red and we both were still talking and she broke the topic and asked me,” Aditya have you ever tried to talk with that girl after that incident” I replied” I don’t know why you asked this question but the answer is yes. I tried to explain her everything what actually happened on that day but she just doesn’t want to even talk to me after that day and I again got sad because you know how much emotional I am know and I was more emotional before,” . She said, “Well then I guess it was not true love so just try to forget it and think of what opportunities life is giving you.” At that time I could not understand what she meant to say (but now I do) so I asked her.” What do you mean to say? I didn’t understood” She replied” nothing just forget what I just said now. Anyway when will be living? “I replied,” on 8th “she said,” then we have two more days to spend with each other” she me her phone number and told me don’t forget this friends of yours. Call at least once a month. Then I asked,” when will you be living. She replied “tomorrow morning”. I don’t know why but she said that she is living tomorrow I felt that I’ll lose a part of life. I was feeling really sad at that time that I could not express in words. That she had holded my hands the whole day. The next day she went away and those two days I don’t know why but were too long. It seemed that the time had stopped when Asihma went. All the days I spent with her were some of my great days in my life till now but after she went away I did not liked to spend times with my cousins but before I met her enjoyed a lot with my cousins but in those two days I didn’t enjoyed a bit with my cousins. Three years have passed away since I met her but still those memories are still I can feel the same way as I felt at that time. Till today I didn’t understood what was it love or just attraction. Today also I don’t have some answers to my questions related to her. And I still wonder what it was till today I am confused.

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