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He Came To Me Like An Angel
by Lolipop
The man i am truely and deeply in love with lives on the other side of the world. He came here for only a few short weeks for work, and from the moment we first met there was a connection. For the first couple weeks we talked whenever we had the chance, and got to know eachother. Then we grew closer and our friendship grew deeper and we developed new feelings for eachother. I knew then that i had to tell him exactly how i felt, i could not let him go without expressing my feeling for him, knowing we may never see each other again.
So i did, and i was lucky enough to find he felt the same. All the while we knew he would be going back home in a little while, so we took advantage of the little time we had together. We went for walks and talked about our lives, and the situation we were in. I fell completely in love with him. For the last couple weeks he was here we spent as much time together as we could, at work and outside of work. Our love for eachother just grew stronger by the day.
Our time together was magical. He was sent to me like an angel to show me that unconditional love does really exist. The love that we shared is so much more than i have ever known. People around us started realizing that there were feelings between us. Some people did not understand it, others thought it was beautiful. I couldn't hide how i felt anymore and i didn't care who knew it.
Then we had to say goodbye. It was the hardest thing i ever had to do. I knew he had to go home, but i didn't want that day to come. It ripped me apart saying goodbye, but i knew it was not the end for us. We stay in touch daily through email and we occasionally make phone calls just to hear eachothers voice. Every email and every phone call reassures me that our love is growing more and more, and it is strong enough to withstand the test of time apart from eachother. I miss him so much and every thought that goes through my head is about how we are going to get back into eachothers arms. Being countries away and having families we are very close with creates obstacles for us. We continue to discuss how we will get back together and i feel our love is continuously growing. The distance between us will not keep us apart.

To the man I love so deeply. You touched my soul baby, you are a part of me forever. Life without you is unbearable. Fate brought us together, reality ripped us apart, lets work through these obstacles and get back to eachother and share the happiness again for the rest of our lives.
I love you, forever yours.

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