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My future wife
by Avvy
hi there to all my friends who are in love and also to those who think that love is just a waste of time and LONG DISTANCE LOVE IS JUST NUTHING... here is something to prove them wrong..... well my story starts like this...... i am from india, 25 years of age and my gurl is from washington and is 26.. but from her root she is from india too for the past many years she is in states... i met her for the first time on net 3 weeks ago ..the first week of november to be precise on the 6th november and i was on yahoo chat and in a room... i was in my office and working alongside... when i saw her name and im'ed her and she replied back... well we started chatting and after about half an hour i just told her babe and she got wild on me saying that "if u call me a babe, i won talk to ya ever" and it left me speechless as if "what does this girl think of herself????" but i dont know what happened to me and i just apologised for it and we started chatting again and then we came to know that she has stayed for a shirt while in india where i used to live..anyways she went that day and the next day i was chatting with her yet again and then all of a sudden she asked me for her number and i gave her my number where she could call me up and she called me ... and from that day we startedhaving long talks on phone and also chats.... one day she didnt call me up and it was a weekend and i cudnt comeonline as my home computer had crashed and i missed her a lot and i started thinking that why am i missing her and whats the problem..she is just a friend and thats it and i cant expect her to call everday from states... anyways she did not call me the whole weekend and i was just sitting back and thinking abt her and did nt go anywhere outta my house... when all of a sudden i realised that I LIKE HER a lot and its more than a friend... i came to office on monday and the first thing i did was that i mailed her a lot of I MISS YA cards and et her online and then again when she went that day she called me and we chatted for arnd 2 hours and then on tuesday i realised that I LOVED HER and i told her that i did love her and it was very starnge as all this has happened soo soon and it sounds crazy even but that was how it was and she was very very surprised and never knew what to say and why i liked her and all... however she took her time a couple of days and we started dating.... now the scene is such that my whole family knows abt her and i have nt yet seen her pic but i love her and she loves me too... she wont be coming to india untill next year end but i love her a lot and she loves me too .... she calls me up everyday and its has become a habit... my day is good when she calls me.... i am keeping my fingers crossed and need all u peoples blessings as i wish that i marry her soon and stay with her for life and when i will be getting married i will invite all u guys and pls be there and give us ur blessings... I LOVE YOU Muggoo and noone like ya. just a word of advice to all of ya... DONT THINK THAT LONG DISTANCE LOVE DOESNT WORK... it does work and u can see us as an example....

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