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Dreams Do Come True...
by Hanna
This is my love story, sorry its too long, but its hard to talk about 5 years of your life in couple of pages..

I meet my baby "Adam" on June 12th, 1998. I was out with my boss and her friend that night; we went to a local nightclub. My boss saw Adam first and wanted to meet him, he was with two of his friends, hanging out in the club. I thought he was looking at my boss cuz' she was making comments and flirting, but later on he told me he was looking at me the whole time. Anyway, my boss decides that's it we're going to say hi to those guys, so she starts walking up to him and starts talking so I followed.. We introduced our selves and they bought us drinks.. We sat at the bar, I was sitting all the way at the end, before I know it he was standing next to me, we started talking, we exchanged phone numbers, then we danced a little.. I was going though a divorce then, I was not looking I just wanted a fun night out, he just came out of a relationship too so he wasn't looking either.. My boss decides we're going to another night club, so we leave and start walking to the car, and he's following us, at the parking lot he asked for a kiss, I said ok but on the check, before I know it he kissed me on the lips.. At that moment I got hocked.. I don't know what it was, I just wanted to be with him.. He followed us to the other club, we get in, and before I know it once again we're standing at the corner, kissing like crazy.. And from that moment he took my heart..
When it was time to leave, I didn't wanna leave, but I was going out of town the next day, and it was already after 3 am.. He walked me to the car, we kissed a little more, he wanted something that smells like me, so I sprayed some perfume on my business card and gave it to him, which he still has..
I couldn't sleep that night, I kept thinking about him.. Everything I've done with him that night I've never done before.. look wise, he's the opposite of what attracts me.. He's 4 years younger than me, he's polish – American, I'm arab – American.. But something about him I just couldn't resist..
Next day, before I got on the plan I called him but I got his voice mail, so I left him a message, saying hi its Hanna from last night, I don't know if you remember me or not, I'm leaving to San Diego now and I'll give you a call from there, and I thanked him for last night.. I honestly didn't think he'll remember me (I thought he had a little too much to drink)..
I was in San Diego for 3 weeks, we talked every day, for hours, it was like we've known each other for years.. We talked about everything and anything, he made me feel like a princess every time we talked, I would go crazy if he doesn't pick up the phone.. That's when I knew I'm falling for him.. I couldn't wait to be back in Chicago..
We went out for dinner the next day I was back, the minute he walked in we hugged and kissed, we sat and ordered pizza but we couldn't eat, we were so excited and nerves, I had my feetl on his lap, he picks'em up and hugs'em the whole time we were setting, everybody was watching us..

Till this day we talk about the day we met and our first date together.. We even kept the cloth we wore those two nights.. He told me later on that he fell in love the minute he saw me, he knew I was the one for him.. And we've been together ever since.. his family and friend thought he's crazy to be with me, they thought I was using him.. everybody said we're crazy to stay together but we were crazy in love.. we couldn't bare the thought of not being together..
Adam changed my life around, he turned me in to a different person.. My ex-husband killed my spirit, made me believe I'm nothing without him, that no one would be interested in me, he filled me with fair.. Adam changed all that, there wasn't a day without him telling me how beautiful I am, even when we're arguing he would call me princess or gorgeous, I can count the times he called me by my name.. He encourages me to do what makes me happy, to follow my heart, he stood by me through my divorce and after, he's been so patient and supportive, he never tried to change anything about me, he took care of me like a little girl, actually he calls me his little girl.. He put million smiles on my face; see, he's the only man that made me cry cuz' I love him so much, cuz' he fills me with happiness.. He says I take his breath away every time he looks at me, every time he looks at my pictures or watches my videos, he doesn't know that my heart jumps every time I hear his voice or see that sparkle in his eyes.. he's my best friend, my whole world , he said one time "we complete each other" and we both believe that, he understands me so well, its scary sometimes, he can read me like a book.. He's like a huge teddy bear, his love is unconditional and unlimited, I've never met or heard of a person like him, he's such an amazing man, I'm so blessed to have him in my life, he is what I've always dreamed and wished for, he's what I deserve and more.. The rest of my life is not enough to show him how much I love him and how thankful I am for everything he've done for me..
I know it hasn't been easy for him since I moved to the Middle East in Sep. 1999, I visit every summer for a month or so, we spend sometime together then I leave again.. We've been through very tough times, specially that my family is totally against our relationship, but we always pull together.. See, if you saw the movie "my big fat greek wedding", you might get an idea of what we've been going through, of course our situation is still going on and million times worse..
Our commitment is stronger than anything, I'm half way around the world and somehow we make it work, that's how much we wanna be together.. God found a way to get us together, I believe everything we're going through is just a test from god to see if we're gonna fight for our love or give up.. Well, we're standing strong, fighting for our love, fighting for everything we wanna have together.. I know he would walk on fire for me, actually he's been doing that for almost 5 years now.. And I would be the biggest fool to let him go.. I believe we get luck once in our lifetime, I feel so lucky to have him in my life.. He's the best thing that ever happened to me, he's my guardian angel, and I'll be so honored to carry his name, and have a family with him..
We've decided to get engaged this summer no matter what.. It might be crazy, but we know we're meant for each other.. no religion or culture or race should keep us apart..if what I have with my man is not true love, I don't know what is.. please pray for us..

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