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Years of wait
by Solange
The skies were grey, threatening to bring forth waves of heavenly rain onto the meadows of finely sprinkled pastel purple flowers. As the rumbling of thunder sounded in the distance, it confirmed my suspicions. Sighing, I carefully went from pebble to pebble, careful not to tread on the splats of lilac lavenders-they smelled wonderful.

As I sat on the mahogany bench that he had built a long time ago, I ran my fingers over the edges of the bench. A stab of pain roused in my heart as I touched the familiar spot that we had carved together. With a screwdriver, we had very carelessly carved an angel and written the words"I will be your angel" on the right side of the bench-two winters before he left. As the events replayed themselves in my mind, I brought my hands to my face to wipe away the tears that had fallen.

That autumn afternoon, he had held my hand and brought me to the lake. With the most unhappy expression on his face and tears in his hazel eyes, he had told me that he would have to go away for a year to America to work. That fateful day, I was nearly torn apart. Afraid that he would never come back, I made him promise to write to me every other day.

"Aleron, I will wait for the day." He nodded and we departed, the sour autumn wind keeping our distance from each other. I spent a few hours walking by the lake, reminding myself that it would take only a year. The next morning, someone knocked at my door.

"Mrs Janice Carter?"He asked. I nodded.

"I'm sorry Madam, but the police wants me to inform you that Aleron Carter has been involved in a plane crash." His facial expression told me that the worst had come. A jolt of fear shot like an arrow into my heart.

"I'm sorry Mrs Carter, but it is unknown where the plane landed, or who survived." With that, the stout man left.

That morning, I didn't eat or go anywhere. I asked myself the same question over and over again. "How could this happen?" But nobody could provide me an answer.

A drop of rain mingled with my tears, bringing me back to the present. I looked up and saw that the rain had started. Maybe the heavens feel my loss too, I thought. But I didn't leave. Lifting my face towards the heavens, I opened my arms wide, and let the drops fall on my face. I could taste the sweetness of the rain, it brought much comfort, despite the fact that it was cold.

"If you're going to soak in the rain, I'll do it with you."
That sweet voice reached my ears and I looked to my left, to see Aleron in the same posture. He smiled at me, and we ran towards each other. As I leaned against his warm bulk, I whispered "I love you."

The questions could wait.

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