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You are Here: Home > Love Stories > Long Distance > dstance doesnt matter f u really love d person

dstance doesnt matter f u really love d person
by pinkgen
We've known each other during our highschool days.we've been textmates coz my couzn gve his no.2 me. .when we were 3rd year,he court me but i disregard him bcoz of 2 reasons:bcoz of my parents and bcoz i have a boyfriend dat tym.but me and my bf dont have a communication.after graduation at hyskol,he went to manila cox he's going 2 study der.but he was back in our province,month of nov.and decided to continue his studies der.he was courting me since we were in 3rd year hyskol until 1st year was nov.16.2006 and i decided 2 his gf.bcoz i've already fallen for him during d courtship tym but i was afraid 2 fall inlove again.we've been 2gether sometimes and i enjoy his company.d tym cme dat i broke up wd him bt i cant take 8 bcoz i really love hm.we decided 2 take another try 4 our relationship 2 work out.4 dat happening we proved dat we really love each other.but wen we are about 2 b 2nd year,he told me dat he wil continue 2 study again at manila.even if i'm sad i have nothing 2 do but 2 let go of him.he made me promise dat i'm going 2 w8 him and i also let him promise dat he should come just keeping our communication open.and i'm always praying dat we should be always strong 2 face d challenges in our relationship and 2 keep holding on,always love each other so dat we can make our relationship longer dan 4ever.

dstance doesnt matter f u really love d person.u need love,understanding,respect,patient,commitment,always remember d promise youve made 4 d relationship 2 work out.dstance s just a test and many fail but f u really love d person,u can make 8 and ul find d answer:TRUE LOVE

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