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I never stopped loving him
by Miriam
Jorge and I began dating July of 2000. It wasn't long before I fell in love with him, and of course, the feeling was mutual. He and I had the type of relationship that most people envyed. We did everything together. From grooming ourselves to spending time with our families(together). I loved him and he loved me. We were going to be together forever. Or at least we thought. He and I broke up for the month of June(2002). While we were broken up, he met someone who he began dating. Of course, I did not find this out for sometime. I forgot to mention, though, he and I were still "trying" to work things out. In other words, he and I were still seeing eachother. Anyway, I confronted him, and he had no choice but to admit to the deed. It took a lot of apologies and changes before I got back with him. But like most girls, I forgave him but I never seemed to forget what he had done. It was the month of July that we rekindled our love. However, our relationship was pretty "rocky", and I wasn't able to trust him to the fullest. November came along, and one morning I decided to end our relationship because I felt it wasn't working out. Trust was the issue. Well, maybe about a month had passed since we had broken up and I met somone who I then begane dating. We dated for about 2 months. But that of course, did not work. I wasn't planning on taking him seriously. Perhaps, it was me simply trying to fully get over my ex. Anyway, all along my ex continued trying to win my love back. But I was still so hurt from what he had done back in June. I just couldn't find myself getting back with him. "What if he does it again?", "Will I be able to trust him, fully?" Those were a few of the things that were on my mind and of course, stopping me from getting back with him. Sometime had passed and I had been going on a few dates and vice versa. But nothing seemed to feel complete. I was constantly comparing everyone to my ex and I believe he was doing the same. Well, to make a long story short, it is now May, and I found myself thinking of him constantly, missing him like crazy, and of course still loving him. I confessed all of this to him and he doesn't seem to want to get back. He says he now needs time to get over a few things that hurt him while he and I were broken up. Some people say I should forget about my past with him and look toward to future with someone else. But I don't agree. I feel as if he should be my future. Someone very important to me once said, "Miriam, whatever is meant to be your's, will be. Nobody can take that away from you." I love him, and I am never going to give up hope. After all, that is all I have.

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