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You broke my heart...
by Christine
It was just a month before I have a breakup with my first boyfriend, and I wanted to look for someone to love again. Suddenly, I've met a guy, the one who instantly stole my heart. After it, we talked and talked until we knew each other. I've knew that we are likely the same, because he just had a breakup with his girlfriend. I know that things seems to be same sometimes. Days later, I couldn't explain what I feel. From that time on, I felt that I'm fall inlove with him. When we knew what each of us felt, we decided to have a relationship. I really felt happy that time. I'm comfortable and safe with him. After a few days, it was our science camp which will be held in school. I know that he and his friends will join. On that night, I saw him talking to his ex-girlfriend. They were really happy, and I feel like they still love each other. My heart instantly melt. I felt really hurt of it. I thought that camp would go well, but I'm wrong... I spent the whole night crying outside of the room, and I didn't slept at all. It was really painful! Then, tomorrow comes... He didn't even know that I saw what they did. He doesn't care about me, about our relationship! A week later, I decided to STOP IT! I'm tired of crying, I'm tired of thinking him. He chose too to stop our relationship,because he admit that he doesn't really love me. I know it! He just played it like a game! I was very blind! I think he is meant for him... Last week he just said he loves me, he promised me that he'll wait for me. He always tell me the sweetest words. But one day, all his promises are suddenly vanished. He's already with someone. Now I know, that love isn't happiness, enjoyment, or passion . . .It is full of pain, tears and sorrow. . .
Now, the crying nights are over. It is the right time to forget him and all we had in the past. I know someday, someone might come and will truy love me...

I hope God will let you read this... If only you know how much I love you, how much I miss when you're not with me, how much I care for you. But now, I'll tell you this... I'm sorry, If I loved a person like you... It's the end of the pain you gave me...

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