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I want him back...
by Tanya
Me and my boyfriend were together for 5 yrs, we have a son, a home and a life. The past few yrs things have gotten a lil rocky, I noticed he seemed to be spending more time at his fiends then at home. No he wasn't cheating, but i did. Guilty as i am and was, i told him the truth, and i was at fault he still gave me a chance to win the trust back. I was a good girl and i didn't cheat on him, but things still just kept getting worse.He was staying out all hours of the night till 3 or 4 in the morning at his friends, comeing home drunk ect. One night when he came home he knew i was upset i had asked him time and time again to call if he was going to be late, so i asked him there on the spot if we should call it quits, he said i dunno!. So i took matters into my own hands and decided to give him his freedom. I packed and moved out to my mosm for 2 weeks he didn't call me or anything, and i cried for 2 weeks straight. Finally i came back to the house and begged for him to give us another chance. He asked me if i had been with anyone, NO and i asked him the same. he said no but lied to my face and told me the thruth the next day. And yet i still hung in there to be with this man. I had givin up along time ago, detached myself became numb, but i outlooked all of that and i really loved this guy. We have been split up now for almost 2 months, and i still live with him and we still act like a couple but he will not tell me he loves me. I may be heartbroken and be going through alot right now, but i refuse to give up on him until he tells me for sure he wants me out of his life. Now thats a lost love...

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