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My Angel Has Left Me
by Anh Vo
Those days were the days when I had your love and care; when all my happiness, sadness you shared.
Those days were the days when you were with me in everything I did, everywhere I went to, and every dream I wished for.
Those days were the days when every of your smile, your look, your thought were only for me.
On those days, I just breathed for your love. I could face any difficulty, overcome any obstacle...; nothing seemed impossible to do since you were there with me, holding my hand tightly.
On those days, I was so proud and blessed because I was loved by you_the most precious gift God had sent me!
Now that everything seems to change _ something is wrong in our relationship! Deep in my heart I can feel it though we both try to pretend as if things are still all right.
Although you are still with me now, the loving words still remain on your lips, you never miss any of my birthdays, and you keep telling me that you care but I know your heart has changed. It hurts me badly when you look into my eyes but you don’t see me! You smile at me but your smile no longer belongs to me! You seem so far away though you’re standing near.
And why? I don’t know! Is my love not enough for you? I don’t care if I sound kind of weak to say I need you so much. I’m even not ashamed to show how I’m feeling towards you. Remember the last time I said I love you? I found it hard, somehow I did. Remember all the days we shared together, baby? Don’t they mean a thing to you now?
Is there a chance for us to start them all again? Just let me know. Please, show me the way to win your heart back! I can bear the thought that you have slipped away from my life no more!
“You know that I, I am not the desperate type. If there’s one spark of hope left in my grasp, I’ll hold it with both hands.
No, no, no...I need you, baby!
I still believe that we can be together.
If we believe that true love never has to end, then we must know that we will love again.”
There Mariah Carey sings her heart out touchingly. And baby, they’re also my words. I myself still believe that someday you and I will find ourselves in love again. I still believe that someday your heart will return to me.
Because I need you, baby. In my life I love only you. And I hope someday you’ll be aware that in your life, no one can ever love you much more than I do.

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