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The Day ill Never Forget
by mandy
Looking back on everything ive done, everyone i met, every place ive gone, one day particuarly stands out in my mind. This day was september 17, 2001. ...... one day i was sleeping over my friends house along with one other girl, all three of us were gettin ready to go to bed, when her phone all of a sudden rang at 1am. she answered it and the person on the other end was someone we didnt expect to hear, he was a guy we all havent seen for a long while and had only hung out wiht twoce b4 this night, he said go outside we'll be there in 10 minutes to pick you girls up and we'll chill. so at this point me and my two frinds were flippin out tryin to get dressed put on makeup and do that all in 10 minutes. we did it as fast as would could and then we snuck out her window ran accross the lawn and went to the end of her drive way, we started to get so nervous are whole bodys started to shake, knowing we were gonna hang out with these guys we've always wanted to hang out with. once 20 minutes passed and they did come yet we started to walk down tword the end of her block, and they were parked there. we got in the car not knowing who was gonna be in there and what to expect. once we got in i realized i didnt reconize the guy who was driving and then there was 2 other guys that we knew were gonna be there. so we all had to squeeze in the back seat with one of the guys. so once we all got situated we started to drive. we didnt kno where yet but we didnt mind, we were just happy to finally be with them. we didnt say to much during the drive because we were all really nervous. after driving for about 10 minutes we pulled up to a house in a private development and got out. the guy that was driving ran up into the house to make sure everyone was asleep. while he was gone one of my guys frinds said, "we brought him for you" (considering that both the guys that were there were all ready 'with'my girl friends) so i was the one that had no one so they brought him for me. so when he got back outside we went into his house and i took at good look at him, and ya kno how theres that saying love at first sight well thats what it was. i just stared at him for about a minute untill he realized then i looked away. i didnt kno him at all ive never even seen him before this day so it was weird but funnaly we got some beers and stuff and we all loosened up. me and him got into talking and he was soo sweet. we chill at his house till about 230am and then the guys all decided they wanted to go down to the beach where people usaly hang out at night. so we walked outside and realized it was so cold out and it was very windy so 'he' ran back into the house and got us 3 girls sweatshirts. then then all 6 of us got back ionto the 4 seater car and drove to the beach but noone was there becaues it was so cold that night. so just us six decided to stay there we all had a cople of more beers and just sat and talked. after a while one of my girl friends and a guy walked down to the end of the beach, then soon after that my other girl firnend and the other guy got outa the car and walked up the road. so just me and 'him' were left there still acting a little shy. he decided to make the first move and pulled me into him and said 'your mine for this night' and hugged me. we were just lookin at eachother and then he leaned in and kissed me. it was one of the happiest moments of my life. they we just continued to talk,kiss and just stare into eachothers eyes. finalyl bout an hour later both of my girl friends and there guys came back and we all got in the car and us girls told them to put on hte radio station star99.9 love songs at nights. so we listened to it, but they hated it. so we let them shut it off. then we decided it was gettin bright out (considering it was about 530am) and that we had to go home so we started to drive once again back to my frinds house where us 3 girls were supposed to be sleepin over at. once we got back to the end of her road us 3 girls got out of the car and said our goodbyes. me and the other two girls gave him back his sweatshirts and started to walk away back into my firneds house. and as we were walkin 'he' called me back over to him and said to me 'i had alot of fun wit you tonite i hope we'll chill agian', and then he kissed me and we stared to stare at eachother again. then kissed one more time and i walked away. we climbed back into my friends windows and talked for about 5 minutes about how happy we were and i told them that i was truly in love after olny one night of knowing him and that i wanted to deffinitly get to kno him better and then we all fell asleep. and we woke up the next morning and i couldnt belive i met the guy i knew i would love forever:(

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