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He luvs me 4 me
by Century
It was march, 12 2008 at lakeland highschool. i was in the gym,because it was fcat testing day. i was supposed to be testing but yesterday i had met a boy whose nickname is "Zair" who was in the gym, i really liked him and wanted to see him again, i tought he was really cute, and we had a lot in common. It seemed that he liked me too. this was also the day after i broke up with a previous boyfriend , because we just were't "clicking". that wensday the 12, i had come to school early and stood by the gym doors so i could get in early and see him, a couple of minutes later walked by with his girlfriend at the time, that just made my heart drop. I got to thinking how could i be so stupid as to think that a guy like him would break up with his girlfriend just to date me. I never had much confidence when it came to guys i really liked. With a heavy heart i went inside the gym to sit down. My friend Aubury had walked in beside me and we sat down and talked about the cd he was listening too (It was the new Britney Spears album) "Zair" came in not to long after, i tried to put up my defense when i think i have no chance with them, but i just couldn't be indifferent to him, he was to cool, laid back and so intresting. when i talked to him all other thought were pushed out of my head. Ihad never liked someone this fast before, and out of most guys i knew he, was more accepting to certain things i was afraid to tell others. A couple of hours later it was lunch time, the group in the gym went to the fist lunch shift, i bought my food and went over near the benches beside the gym to eat, my friend angel was there too. He was the same person i had confided in the day before that i thought "Zair" was really cute. And that i really liked him. A couple of minutes later "Zair" Walks by with a really deppressed look on his face. I asked him what was wrong, turns out his girlfriend dumped him to be with a ex-boyfriend. Now most girls would be happy, and think "Yes now i have a chance", but it was the opposite for me i was really sad, because he was sad. He sits on the bench next to mine and tells me what happens, when he's done he replies, but i'm not attracted to you. this is what i thought he said at first, but after repeating it twice he had really said that I don't find Him attractive. At first i thought he was kidding at first, i mean how could this impposibly gorgeous guy think i not like him. Then i realized that we had more in common then i thought. We both wereself conscience when it came to the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing. he was so deppressed that angel literally carried him to the gym.when the got to the steps, he pepped up a little a turned the tables and carried angel up the staries. When we got to the top, he went to full deppressive mode once more, and laid down. angel laid his head on his lap, and i was at his feet. He was really sad, if it wasn't for the fact that he said that crying burns his eyes, he would have cried. After a while the teachers watching us told him to sit up, i guess they wree getting the wrong idea with "Zair" laying in angels lap. when he sat up he laid on my shoulder. He went on about how he was unattractive an noone loved him, and he was hopeless, and that he'll always be alone. I told angel to tell him what i had said yesterday, I really liked him, but he was in really bad denial mode. I couldn't help but think, WOW we really do suffer from the same deppressional problems. I kept trying to convince him that he was far from ugly, if anything he was the cutest boy in the whole school, in my eyes. After a couple of minutes he said can he ask me a question, i replied sure, but it depends on how personal it is. He said "It's personal to me" then he asked "If i give you my heart, will you promise not to break it?" This totally grabbed me by surprise he liked me two, and it really touched me that he tursted me with his feelings, i didn't even hesitate to answer. i promise not to break it. And out of all the promises i've made in my life, this was by far the one that was not going to be broken, or forgotten. since then we've been dating. I've never been so happy in my life, sometimes when i look at his picture i still think i'm dreaming to have been paired with such a wounderful being as him. He's not ashamed to let people know we're dating, he really romantic, he's everythimg any girl could hope for in a man. To tell you the truth, He's the reason, i get up in the morning, he's my reason for staying alive, because of him, i have refound my love for life that i thought was lost forever.Not a day goes by that i think about him. When the weekends come i get sad. The were once my favorite days because, i was by myself from school. And the less i felt lonely around others. but now i ahte weekends, because it's more time i spend away from him, if it was up to me i would see him everyday. And because of him i always have a smile on my face.

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