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Love changes everything
by Jazzyice
I met Arlene in ICQ. That was in 1998 and i was just a form 2 little kid. At first I don't have
any feelings on her. I stopped calling and chatting with her when i was in form 3 and i
nearly forgotten who she is. Things started to grow up when in 2001 and it's when i was in
form 5. I don't know why suddenly she appears in my ICQ contact list again. It started with
normal conversations until we became net good friend. Later we are really close and getting closer
each day by each day. I started to have feelings on her because I felt that she's the one
who can make me feel happy and feel she's everything to me. But she kept telling me that
she still love her ex-boyfriend. Even though I'm loving someone else but I still think that
one day i'll be with her and i kept telling myself that me and her is just good friend
and the feeling that i have for her is just a good friend feeling. I just want to meet her
one day. Luckily, God helped me. I think this is a fate. I asked her out on my birthday night
celebration. I don't know why i called her... and i should thank my handphone because my address
book contains her handphone number and it's the first one when i pressed the button. So I
called her. We did went out on that day with some other friends. I felt so happy but that
time i still have the 'good friend' feeling on her (maybe i kept telling myself until i forgotten).
But later on, we went out again. I found that i really love her and i just want to be with her.
We went to work together as well and oh yeah... working can help people grow their love.. trust me.
so.. after we worked together... i felt the love feeling grows more and more.
The conclusion is love can make someone change into a better one. I still keep everything that
she gave to me and every words that she said to me. I always love her and let her feel
safe to be with me.. i wanna thank God for everything that He gave to me.. I love you Arlene

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