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What Love Really Is
by Crystal
I've had lovers in the past, but this one is something I can't explain. The person who I used to be was one who was not going to let anybody in. I was so secretive about things and myself to my previous partners. I had not a lot of fights with them, I never had doubts, I never even believe in loving them and that's because that was the dark side of me who did not know what love was about or how to love. Until one day I met the other half of me. I know 2 months isn't a long time to be in a relationship but to me it seems like we've been together forever. He makes me laugh and smile, something my ex's couldn't do. He makes me cry and makes me sad. He makes me worry and makes me scared. But most of all he makes me proud of myself and to be with him. Someone who actually gets inside of me to actually let me reveal my inner feelings and expressions. He's a gemini and of course he has his moods, but I don't let it phase me not one bit. It's like I see it coming everytime we're together. We'll play and laugh and kiss, you know just have fun be happy and let all the worries and doubts go away, but something bad always happen. And after the good times comes the arguments, disagreements, and yellings. But I guess it's normal if it's real love. I've never felt this way about any person and the way he makes me feel about him can be explained in a thousand words. Even through the good and the bad, even the worse, we're always there to pick each other up emotionally and physically when down. I never felt so much love from somebody who doesn't recieve much love. His impatience and attitudes sometimes get to me in a way to make me want to do something. I might not take everything well but he lets me know what he wants me to know and that's all that matters. As of right now he is my everything, my first, and my last and I'll always be there for him...when near or far. No matter how many doubts I have or how much stress I put myself through, if I don't have anyone else I know I have him, the person who has my heart and will always have my heart until the day I die. And for the first time in my life...I actually know what love means and how to love.

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