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The way we met...
by Kristalyn
Hi everyone, my name is Kris and I would like to share my online experience with you... I had just recieved my computer and I had nothing better to do so I thought I would check out a few chat rooms..I have never been in any before, but I had heard alot about them... I went in a few and decided it was time to go to bed... nothing was really interesting.. then I recieved the instant message that was going to change my life... At first I thought "not another perv"lol. but we got to talking and the next thing I knew it was 4 am. We continued talking for several days and then we exchanged numbers... it got to the point where we would talk on the computer for hours and then get on the phone for hours... i was telling him everything about me.. i could open up to him more than i could anybody close to me (he lives in texas while im in Indiana). This little box infront of me has changed my life... it has made me learn a new kind of love.. one that starts from the inside out.. and i must say i wouldnt trade it for anything... Here we are a yr and a half later and i must say it has had alot of ups and downs, alot of heartache and tears, alot of laughing and joking, but no matter what, it has been worth it all.. i have met my best friend and love. something some of us are not lucky enough to find... Our relationship might not be "normal" like others but what exactly is "normal"? if you ask me, we are alot stronger than any other couple around.. to survive all the troubles of a relatonship and to be 1200 miles apart takes alot of patience, love and hard work... something we have alot of... the thing I always try to remember is all couples have problems... even if I were to date someone closer to me, things wouldnt be "perfect". I may have to sacrifice alot by having a long distance relationship but to me in order to be with my soulmate I will sacrifice all I have to and I do believe he is my soulmate. For our love to hold us together for this long... we have to be meant to be...

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