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June 27, 2006
by Becky L.
I was never someone who liked going onto the computer and talking in chat rooms, but it was a Saturday night on May 19, 2006 and I had nothing to do so I discided to go into the soccer chat room on myspace. I met this girl named Hailey. We talked and made other people mad for a while for about an hour. It was now about midnight and she and I were getting kinda tired. Then this one guy starts talking about hunting and killing animals, Hailey and I get into an argument over if hunting is bad or not. So, when anyone would come into the chat room we would ask their opinion. After about an hour of this no one was coming in anymore untill a guy with the name of “Bleepz” came in. Hailey and I messed with him for a little while and told him to press alt F4(which exits you from the chat). Five minutes had passed since then. I was starting to get a little sad because Bleepz had not come back. Right then, Bleepz had entered the room. Hailey and I apologized and she went to bed. It was now about 2am. We talked for the longest time. He kept calling me Belle and saying Je t’aime, he said it was french but wouldn’t tell me they meant. Finally at 4am we said goodbye.
We talked every day after that, and once school was over, May 25, we talked ‘till atleast midnight every day. I was beginning to relize I liked him. I thought it was strange though because he lives in Ohio and I live in Arizona. “How can I have feeling for or possibly love someone so far away?” I would question myself that everyday untill June 27. Before then he had replied to bulletin surveys I had posted on myspace out of boredom and answering questions like, “Has there/is there something you want to tell me, but can’t”, to yes-as did I do the same thing. Finally, I made him tell me what he wanted to, but couldn’t tell me and promised I would do the same. Right before that I had posted a bulletin entitled, “Secret Crush Game”, you were suppost to reply in a message saying “yes” is you liked the person. Danny did just that. I then told him I loved him and have since May 19, the day we met. We’ve broken up about 3 times, but we haven’t been apart for more then a few days. It’s only been a little under a year we have been together, but I love him more than anything and I know I always will no matter what….

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