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told you so
by shanna
I met my husband two years ago on a chatroom. I heard him talking on his mic and his voice caught my attention. We talked all that night and the next day he was in the same chat room so we started meeting each other there each night to talk. I was 16 at the time and he was 26. Yes I know a big difference, my parents thought so to. I was baned from talking to him. I was not alowed anywhere near a computer. But I was drawn to him. So I would find ways to talk to him. I wrote him letters and texted him all night long on my friends cell phone. My parents and i fought constantly about it. I was always grounded because they always found out I had talked to him. He lived in alabama by the way. So I moved out when I turned 17. I bounced all over texas and colorado then I finally e mailed him and asked if i could come to alabama to live with him. What a leap of faith! So I got a bus tickett and came to alabama. We are now the happy parents of a beautiful son aiden and we are happy as can be. I told my parents when they banned me from talking to him that I was going to marry him one day. I told you so....I went through a lot to get here and even got disowned by my family but they having a growing respect for him because they now see he is a sweet heart, and that we truly do love each other and are two of a kind. we may be 9 years apart but we don't notice it until our birthdays roll around. I turn 19 this year and I already have a husband and family! I guess you are never to young to find love....just be careful with the internet there are perverts out there i got lucky but dont try this at home!


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