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please forgive and forget
by mylene
when i started dating my boyfriend named moses we were just 13. we started dating august 19, 2006. i met him through my best friends desiree and vanessa. after all their cousins. everything was going great in the beginning. when we kissed it was like fire works. when we hugged i felt so safe. he wrote me a poem it was so sweet. but before this i really liked him right. then i left him for another guy named jay. but it didnt work out because i left the person i loved for the person i liked. and jay left me for the person he loved. and that was my mistake. but then i got a second chance. but then i guess i kept talking to jay. and i was still goin out with moses. but that was a bad mistake. well anyway it was my birthday on september 7th. and now i am 14. i never ever had a bf on my birthday so he was my 1st. i remeber staying on the phone with him and we always were sweet. my best friends said we were the corniest couple ever. we always argued but we got through it. we always said i love you. and one day we fought but this time it was the end. he just wanted to be friends. i never wanted that to happen. i loved him so much. and i saw him jus yesterday and we acted like we were nothing. i spent the night at vanessa's and he was there to. it was december 31,2006. and then when it 12:00pm it was new years. there were fireworks. that would of been a great romantic moment if we were still together. but we werent and thats what sucked. and yea. well i know you guys are thinking i am just a little teenager. but i know what i feel. and it hurts. i thought he was the one. but we only lasted for 3 months. august 19,2006 - november 19,2006. but now everytime i see him i have to pretend i dont care and im over him. and every month on the 19 i cry for our aniversary. and hopefully one day he forgives me. because i didnt kno what i had until it was gone.

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