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is it worth holding on?
by sweetie
i have second thoughts of sharing this story but i guess this would be better than just keeping it in my mind...

i am 21 years old and i have a boyfriend. We were together for 2 years, 4 months and 6days... we met when we we're still in highschool.. we are classmates then. we treat ourselves with the literal meaning of classmates. we are not friends but ONLY classmates... we found out that we liked each other three years after we had finish our highschool years. we we're sent in different schools and by that we were not able to communicate and see each other.. even if i had boyfriends when i was in college, i was still waiting for the time that our paths would meet again.. and finally one day my wish was answered and that was the time when i felt that my dream had come true.. its the time that he told me how he felt and i was so happy then..
for the past two years, we had gone to different challenges in our relationship and most of it nearly separated us... but we were able to hold on.. we shared happy times and moments together.. we treated ourselves not only as lovers but also as bestfriends.. we shared to each other the problem that each has.. but most of the time.. im the one who shares.. he chose to be silent and keep his burdens all by himself.. even he is like that, i always remind him that whatever happens and whatever he is going through i am always here for him... we had numerous beautiful days...
but just this month (April) our relationship was put into test that until now, i don't know whats the status of our relationship... i am praying that everything will come back to what it was before.. but the damage has been done and i admit most of it was my fault.. i asked for a last chance but i don't know where it will lead us.. he tells me that he still indeed love me and i feel the same way to, but i can't change the fact that i hurt him.. i don't know if i should keep on holding on and fight for this relationship or should i let him go... its been three straight days that my eyes are wet.. i can't explain how painful i am feeling right now.. i just hope that everything will turn out right and that everything will fall into place...
as of know.. i can't really figure out the answer to my question, is this relationship really worth holding on?
i love him but we both are having a hard time in this relationship... i'm so bothered right now... i wish this trial would end and that we would come up with the best decision watever that might be...

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