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A Mistake
by Mike
Once upon a time, there was a boy who was always looking for something.He searched and searched but he never found that thing missing thing in his life. Then one day he met another boy. These two became best of friends. The two boys had a lot in common, but the thing that they both had in commomn was that both of them where searching for that missing thing in their lives. The first boy named John helped the second boy named Mike find his missing piece in his life. The thing that Mike was missing was a love and he had found it. John felt happy for his friend, but he still had yet not found his love. But one day his best friend(Mike) showed him a girl. When John saw this girl he instanly felt something in his heart. He had finally found the one thing missing in his life, love. This girl was the most beutiful girl he had ever seen. She had a beutiful smile that would make any guy fall in love with her, her lips to him where made of pure honey. Oh how he desired to touch those lips. He had finally found his angel. Well Mike told John to talk to her and get to know her. But John felt scared and had no courage to talk to her because he thought to himself why would a girl as beutiful as her would ever look at him. But when Mike told John that the girl named Liz kind of liked him,John felt his heart stop. When he got the chance to talk to her he choked. Nothing came out of his mouth. His words got stuck in his mouth. The only thing that came out of his mouth was the most dumbmess thing a guy could say. So nothing happen and Liz had to go. John was so heart broken because he had just blown his chance to be with the most beutiful thing in the world. That night John cried and cried. But what could he do. Maybe love wasnt met for him but like they say, things happen for reasons. Out of everything that happen John learned a valuable lesson. That was: When you have the chance to have something good in your life you should always fight for it. Cause in life quitters dont survive even in love. Now John awaits his second chance to try again to get the thing that he most desires and that is love. Hey everybody deserves a second chance.

The End.

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