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Will he ever love me again
by emily
Ok well heres my story. I met this guy last year at the beginning of high school. my best guy friend was on the football team with him and always talked about how we would make a cute couple. well then we met and started going out within that week. he was so special and sweet. he broke off a bet him and his football coach had about him getting a girlfriend just so that i would know he really truly liked me and ended up showing up to school like a girl because of it. Anyway one night at a volleyball game after i played he told me that we were going to go out for a really long time, that he just had a good feeling about it. The next day he broke up with me. i was completely in schock, never would of expected that was coming. i liked him the rest of the year, i fell in love with him. in the beginning of the summer, i was so in love with him i would of done anything. walked to the end of the earth, i mean i would of done anything to make him like me again. then the day came where he told me that i was so special to him and he respected me. we were fooling around and he stopped it because he said he looked at me with more respect than other girls. about a week later he told me he had been falling in love with me. i was so ecstatic. Of course i called up my best friend of 11 years, and told her the news. she was so happy for me. The next day i was working so i was unable to attend the barbeque that my friend steve was having. After my best friend got home, she called me up and siad she had bad news for me. My heart dropped like a rock sinking to the bottom of an ocean. she proceeded to tell me that my lover was trying to get action from every girl there, even her. Then she said no one would give him anything and that he kept saying F* her i never liked her and never will (refering to me). I was so crushed i cried all day and night over at my best friends house. it wasnt until the next morning that i found out what really happened. i found out that my best friend had fooled around, to the extent of doing everything except sex with this guy i was in love with. my world was practically over. after telling her i hated her and how could she do that to me and of course shedding many more tears, i went home and didnt see her the rest of the summer. i was depressed. i had lost everything. at first all my friends were supportive but then i lost touch with them b/c i didnt trust anyone anymore. and i thought i hated the guy who did it to me, but the only thing i hated was the fact that i was still in love with him. Since school started back up, we have talked about it and he has apologized numperous times, although at first in the school year we fought about it often. We dont talk much, but the times we do talk i just cant express the feeling i get. i love him, and i know ill never get another chance with him. i know i shouldnt feel the way i do toward him, but i do. I dontk now what to do anymore, because its the worst feeling in the world. Knowing that the one you love doesnt love you back. Any words of wisdom or comments? should i tell him my feelings or no? E-mail me!

And yes, me and my friend have made up and are continuing on being best friends!

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