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The Roller Coaster Love Affair
by Deltah
It all started in March of '02' i went into this club with some friends from work . When this guy came up to my friend. My friend introduced him to everyone in the crowd. I didnt think anything of it. Well 2weeks go by and im on my way home and i decide to stop at this club again late one night. When i walked in everyone was haveing fun but me, I couldnt find anyone in the place that i new. Right as i was about to walk out i see a familar face. It was him! that guy from 2 weeks ago. So i walked up to him and asked if i may join him, he said sure. So westarted to chat he had told me that ,that night he met me he had said something to my friend about him likeing me and told him to talk to me but my freind never mentioned anything to me. Well anyways we exchanged numbers that night.

Well a couple weeks go by again and we have found some things out about each other, like hes MARRIED well he tells me that hes moving out and getting a divorce " oh did i tell you that hes 43 and im 23" ok well anyways so he moves in with me we live together for a month. We go on this beautiful cruise im may for 3 days and by this time i have fallin in love with him and the cruise felt like the begining to a beautiful relationship. Untill our ride home from the cruise and he tells me that hes moving out and going back home that he cant handle leaving his kids..... So he brings me home to what was OUR home and packs all of his things. well lets say i lost my mind that night.and the alcohol didnt help either.
Well we were broken up fpr a day, i ouldnt handle being with out him and he couldnt either,but he stayed living at her house which at the time i thought i could handle. For awhile I did about six months then she found out about us 4 times in that six months and final threw him out so he went to live with his sister. then every thing was fine ... untill i found out that he has slept with her 3 times but i still couldnt leave him(even though i should have) well anyways instead of me leaving i did the wrong thing and cheated on him 3 times with 3 different guys( i know what your thinking now! WHAT A SLUT! RIGHT??) well anyways i didnt tell him that i did this but then me and my what i thought was a best friend got in to an arguement and she went back and told him and he lost his mind and left me. now this brings us to nov.'02' we were split up for a week and then some how we ended up back together. Things were fine great for awhile . I became friends with her(the best friend another mistake) again and this time and let her move in.Well we got into another arguement and one of the things i did that he didnt no about she went and told him and thats when he really lost his mind and we broke up for a month .Now that brings us to know feb'03'I know you guys that read this are like so totally confused on why we are together STILL well so am I. we are doing ok right now but when ever we argue he throws all the shit up into my face about me cheatin on him and i dont no what to do so im asking for help guys girls out there but one thing dont tell me to leave him cause we have tryed it like ten times and it never works so we needv to know what to do to make us work as a couple???

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