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I'll always wait you here at my heart
by Ruby
When i was in elementary my family decided to leave at province. Where now we settledown. i was just 8 years old then. And i found a guy that so gorgeous. He is so handsome. But i never talked to him.
He has a older brother who was flirting with my sister. But that time me and my sister was to young for that. so we didnt mind that they are flirting with us..
One day i heard that my crush is going to a city where he found his job and he move there.
so after those years we havent talk. I dont have any news about him.Just one day i saw his picture where he celebrated his birthday in there.And he become more handsome..
All those years i was concentating at my studies.. I forget him i didnt think about him anymore..i belief his gone.And i consedered him as my first puppy love..
After years i'm in grade five and i was 11 that time.
A news came from that his mother died so i was worried because that time me and his younger sister are close friends already. I was worried for my friend . And that time he went home in the province.
I met him in there. i was so hopeless that time becuase i dont know what to do.
Days after the funeral of his mother i sat under the tree and read a book and then he sit beside in my side and telling some words i didnt understand but when i ask him what that all about he just said" i will understand that when the right time will come. and he left then..
After a week he was living again.
Until the time i was graduating we dont have any communications .. all i know is that his at living at the city where i want to schooled after highschool.
That year i was graduating and a month before he came back. I dont know why. He told me that he was studying at that city.And one thing i cant forget him because of what he said. He told me I'm fully grown and after all those years hes waiting at last i'm a young lady already. And that time he ask me where i'm going to study. and i said that i dont know yet.. and he invite me there to study. After that he back to the city and then i decided to study there.
All those years while i'm staying at the city , i'm hoping to find him in here, but it was just a wish i didn't found him..
It was a summer vacation and i'm spent my vacation at our home in the province it was really surprise i saw him in there. He already lived there. he found a new job at there. one day when i'm setting under the tree near at our house he came and told me he liked my sister.And he want me to help him in my sister .While he was saying those words i felt my world shattered.. i want to run , i dont know where to go.
After that hurtful day i decided not to love again. He was my first love .. After that summer i decided to be careful in choosing a man to love.
But my sister dont like him. so they dont become alover.. After a year i heard he has a grirlfreind now and a daughter of famous lawyer in ou province. But still he flirting with me..
But i dont mine him.. He is just a past. But my sister said that his gf is very much look like me..but i ended my puppy love that to true love..

i'm hoping to find the right man to be with for life time

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