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How I Wish I Could Tell You
by Melissa
Here's my story...I met this guy almost a year ago. When we first started talking i figured it would be nothing more then just a hi and bye at work, but as i started talking to him i realized that there was more to my feelings. I wanted so much more then just his friendship. I wanted to be with him, around him, to have him hold me and kiss me and tell me everthing i wanted to hear. Well that day came in August of last year, he was talking to me and he said "melissa i may just surprise you one of these days and show up on your door step and whisk you away for a day". I never believed it, because he was always joking around. Well we finally exchanged numbers at the end of the month. We had been talking on the phone for about 4 months before he finally decided to come to my house. Well he came over and he finally kissed me. It was wonderful..i had never been kissed like that in all me 17 glorious years. After that a couple of weeks went by and we talked on the phone and had discussed when we were going to see eachother outside of work again. That night would come in February he came and picked me up from my house and we went to his and started watching a movie, well that movie turned out to be a whole lot more then what was expected. We shared a very intimate moment, it was wonderful. He was kind, gentle, soft spoken, it was absolutly perfect. But if had known then that our intimacy was going to lead where we are now i would have never done anything with him, because now i realized that i'm in love with him. Actually i think i was in love with him before anything happened i was just surpressing my feelings. I wish i could tell him how i really feel! But i can't and now i'm going away to college just to get away from him so i can get over him. I just hope this isn't the biggest mistake of my life. But people always say if you let something go and it comes back then it's meant to be and if it doesn't come back then it wasn't meant to be.

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