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I thought he was everything
by Ayla
I could do no more. I t has been 1 yaer since i have talkk to Andy. He has been around and i never talk I just walk outof his way.

I know that sounds wried but to me it is not. I am only 15v years old and i have tried to realize what true love really is but to me i can never find that so here is my story to all those who take love seroius.

Andy and I meant at skating and i had a lot of friends that were his friends also. Well when my friends introduced us we started to talk and got to know each other.(remember this was almost a year and a half ago)
Well we went to dances and saw eachother there and then a bout after three weeks of getting to know each other I asked him out and he said yes.
Well we were together and i was so happy. When i graduated from 8th grade he was there to be by my side. That was the last thing I remember of us being happy together. We broke up a year and a hlaf ago and i have been so misable that i can't even thionk in school.
I now know that i am goign to have to get over him but he was the best thing that has ever walked into my life and i feel really stupid for losing him. When we were goign out i could concinter us to be soul mates but to his eyes i think we were concitered love bugs.
I hope he has a good life woth out me. I will always love him and i don't care what he thinks.

I dedicate this story to one that i let walk out of my life and did not have enough corage to go after.

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