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That First Kiss
by UC
Once upon a time on an ordinary day a girl going about her day and a boy going about his day did find the only love that was ever meant to be. Slowly admiration and respect were building a bridge between the two. A quiet sort of friendship neither could deny. But they were oh so shy. Overcome by the feeling that this was It. Then afraid the love was not returned. A girl who never was confident enough to believe he could love her. A boy who could not understand her. A girl who could not understand him. So many things left unsaid. Yet the love grows and builds and years pass by. There is pain, there is sorrow, there is love. The climate is harsh. The spirits are crumbled and seek shelter in other places. Far away places. And an abyss is opened between them. Stretching beyond the limits of the bridge they had so lovingly built. Until finally they stand on opposite sides. Dying inside. Unable to move anywhere except away. The torment of it stings to this very day. Never could a sadder tale have been written. Broken spirits flying to new lands in hopes of finding themselves healed. But it is not to be. For though the spirits crumbled and the souls bled, there was something that would not die. It was inside them at the very core of their being. Something not individually dwelling in each, but dwelling in each because of the other. Something that surpasses grief and pain and anger and loss. Something that lives on inside. Something called the purist love ever graced by God. And by God’s grace this love lived eternally in these two, but, as One. They will be apart for long days and years only to have but a glimpse of one another to sustain their souls. But by the grace of God they being only One could not remain apart. And by Gods guiding their One hand to the place where they would find each other again. Anger, pain, doubt, uncertainty, but fleeting emotions. Forgiveness, compassion, understanding, and gratitude only surviving. Acceptance of all that has gone and realization of all that is possible. And the bridge, they learn, reaches across all of space and time, built by the Devine, and the abyss can never separate them again. They will die for each other if asked. Hand and hand they are a force of nature. Walking a path carved by God’s hand and illuminated by Love’s pure light. They will give to one another all that they are, and more. They bring out the most beautiful qualities in each other. And together, they will walk through all of time. Always a light will guide them. No matter what evils lurk in the darkness. These two, as One, are untouchable. They will stand upon the center of that bridge the built so long ago. Now stronger and sturdier than the hardest steel. They will look out over the universe and see all of it’s possibility. What they can be as One. They will embrace and the heavens will sing a song of love for them. The angels will surround them. And they will have that first kiss, so long they have waited, and with that kiss will begin their everlasting Bliss.

you already know...
love you so.

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