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Forever my soul mate
by Matthew
My whole life I had always wondered who my soul mate was. We all do it at one time or the other. My time started when I was really early. Ever since I was about 14 years old. I wasn't your typical teenager when it came to love. There in it for the fun. I was in it for finding my soul mate. After so many heartbreaks I started to give up on her. That's when it happened. This girl that I had known for a while had started to talk to me on the internet. I was flattered, but at the time not really impressed. I gave her a chance though, and opened my heart to her. And boy did I fall for her hard. She was everything that I had wanted in a girl. Even things that I hated about girls she made look good. After about a couple of months I told her I loved her. It's been about two years now since we started talking, and I'm still madly in love with her. I can't see myself with no else but her. And I do plan on asking her to marry me. Lately though I've been treating her the way I shouldn't of been. Saying things that I didn't mean at all. Sometimes I feel that I don't even deserve her. She's that perfect. But without her I'm nothing. I know that she is my soul mate. She always has been. She was the girl that I was dreaming about all the time, and thinking about. And I know that she will forever be my soul mate.

To my one and only soul mate Karla

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