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In my world
by Constantina
In my world…

The world is lush and green and new, nurtured from barren deserts to starting life by you’re forgiving hand. You took the poison plants, grown from spilled seeds of others in the past, threw them all away. By you, a cleansing fire engulfed the planet and burned away everything I thought was true- the ashes feeding the growth of stronger, happier Truths. The waters, no longer murky and questionable, are pure and clear and crystalline. No longer are the rivers stopped by dishonesty and honest pain. Their rushing clean flow feeds the budding life, the flowering eternity, and the once rancid breeze reeks of new life, lush and green and beautiful.

The rains have stopped, the flooding downpour of emotions and tears. You took the tears and made them diamonds, and threw them into the sky to join with yours, a constant reminder of the pain that was that illuminates and adds to the beauty of the pain that no longer is- the love that is. The clouds have long since left, only returning in the deep depths of the night in the form of a misty fog, dispersing shortly after the rising of the once unfriendly sun, but lingering long enough to turn the dawn hours into hours of mystique and setting the stage for a foglit romance.

On some days, the sun shines hot and humid, with intense breezes that cool the lover’s brow as the day warms the planet with vibrant passion. On others, mild warmth and soft breezes echo intimacy and romance, awakening the core of the planet and capturing it in eternal familial love. On days when the sun shines cool, the wind romps, playfully tugging at the reeds and young trees, dancing and singing in unpredictable patterns that radiate sheer joy. When the storm comes to pass, the wind and sun quickly chase it away or weather it out- for nothing is permanent.

In my world, everything is young and tender- the aged planet reborn by your hand. The youth shall pass with time, but the life and vibrancy will never stop, so long as the sun rises in the morning and the moon rises each eve. By your hand my world stays alive, for it feels that you are what sets the consistency, demands that the sun and moon rise and fall at each of their designated times, keeping me together. Keeping me alive.

I love you.

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