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More than friendship
by Becci
Well me and this boy called Ben get on great, a few months back he used to come round my house and i used to go his and we just lay on my bed hugging but mostly just looking into each others eyes deeply sending each other thoughts through are minds.Nothing ever happened though because of my best friend who was going out with him at the time and thought it was love and would never end but it did eventually and all the time they were dating i was hurting but i thought then i couldnt love him because we get on great but seeing them two together just made me think why did i dump him, maybe i was scared because it was so strong and it was perfect.Anyway the way he was with me and the fun we had with each other was great i could talk to him i felt so comfortable with him.Everything felt just so right whenever we were together.But no, its never going to be perfect is it, lately we aint talking we say hi now and then, he doesnt come round anymore im getting the feeling ive done somthing wrong but i cant figure out what i did so bad thats its now ruined something so good.He was perfect we were perfect he always helpt me and i always helpt him but know we aint talking i need more help but who from when he was my savour. If ever were to be like we did again, nothing could happen because one of my other best mates whois always there for me likes him alot and know show i feel about him so i cant let anything happen because that will be betraying my friend also my ex best firned who i hate still likes him but she dont kow i hate her though.And also my ex best friend well my true first love who i think i will never get over because im still hurting over him well he fancies her so i heard but he is denying it and i think she likes him two, please help please.Me and ben are soul mates and can make each other happy.

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