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Cherish Every Moment
by Raymond
Dear Gina,

Thanks for your e-mail and sorry for the late response. I went to Bahrain (again) with my friends last Saturday morning and we returned to Saudi Arabia the next day's afternoon.

I was really pondering about what went wrong the last time we chatted. I wasn't really expecting that sudden burst of emotion from you and perhaps I might have come on a bit too strong for you, that somewhere down the line, you found yourself hanging on a thread line and I was there pushing it even more harder ready to snap. I am so sorry if you've interpret it that way.

I just want to let you know that you are the first woman that approached me the way that you did the first time we met. And although it was only a casual meeting over the internet, I guess, I did not take advantage of you, by playing with words. I have been very careful with my messages and that's the way I was hoping that you've known me. I perfectly understand the way you feel and I take the privilege by putting your trust in me. To be honest with you, I found you to be a very interesting woman with a kind heart and that's the way I started to feel some affection towards you from the start. That feeling even grows fonder, until I found myself longing for you. I thought it was only a fling between two lonely people who longed for special affection, caring and attention. But it was becoming different as the days passed by. I started to fall in love with you! You let me fall in love with you; your kindness, warmth, sweetness, respect, and trust in me was there ... until that thing happened that Friday and then you shut me completely out! And I feel sorry for myself, so sorry because what I know was that I just want to make you happy. I have no intention of playing words with you whatsoever, but perhaps, I was wrong!

Gina, I am so sorry if I hurt your feelings that night and if you feel that I don't have any respect towards you, but perhaps there was a misconception. I won't try to win back your affection. This is not giving up but I am giving you a free thought of what happened.

Thanks for the happy memories, I will cherish them, I won't forget you!

As ever,


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