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i love you
by ivana draca
these are the feelings that i have for you. when i first met you i was thinking "there is something about that girl right there, i dont know what it is yet but there is something good about her". as it turns out there is something good about you, you make me smile through every second of time we talk or sepend together. you make me want to stay up all night to talk to you and when i go to bed i want to wake up and talk to you more. you are amazing. i love you soo much i constantly think about stealing my moms car or somethingcrazy like that to go see you cause i miss you. i wake up every morning and think "i wonder what ivana's doing?" i think about you all day cause you are the most important thing to me. every second i dont have with you is a second lost because without you im not happy. im nothing without you, you are my everything. you are perfect in my eyes, you have a gorgeous face and body, and awesome personality, a really kool family, caring friends, you care about your friends, you are perfect. although you say you have flaws like everyone else you are perfect to me in my eyes. the littlest things you do with me are the best things, like the pillow fight, i loved every moment of it cause i was with you. all the talking, i loved it cause i got to know you better and see that you are perfect and awesome.the hug, it made me think, "if i could, i would hug her all day". you are the person i could be stranded out in the middle of no where with and still be perfectly fine cause i had everything i wanted whick is you. you make me think about not going to college just so i can see you all the time and spend all my life with you, i dont want to ever leave you, cause when i do i feel sad and like nothing. when im with you i have something to live for. Ivana Draca, i love you with all my heart and i will forever!

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