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I miss you
by BethyBaby-oox
Well I thought I would do you a letter on here just to let you know I’m still thinking of you. Its bin 5 months now and I still haven’t forgotten you :) I still want to ask you so many questions like why did u do what u did? Did you mean everything u said? We went through so much and it all disappeared so quickly. To be honest I should really thank you because one day I’m guna learn from all of this. You always made promises I knew you were guna break you said best friends forever what happened to us? I don’t think I will ever recover from the scars u left me with u acted like u couldn’t see my pain. I’ve tired so hard for us to be friends Aj all the emails texts although u would never text me back. I sometimes got an email from u and u unblocked me once or twice but whenever my brother came there you would always block me again? Do you no how much that hurts? We were so much bigger then u and him will ever be so I hope you remember that. I’m so glad your finally on top of life I just wish I could be apart of it so many people told me to move on and forget about you sometimes I would tell myself not to care just because you don’t. I told myself to walk away and never look back but I don’t think I could handle it knowing you wouldn’t care even if I did. I guess I have to realise people stay in our hearts even if they don’t stay in out lives. I’ve grown up a lot believe it or not I’m not some lonely poor little girl anymore back on track and ready for anything that comes my way . Soon I hope to be as high on life as you are. But you’re the only thing in my past I can’t let go of. When I said best friends forever I meant it...I know your so close with my brother and I’m not expecting you to drop that I just want my brother back you said you would always be there for me you knew I ran to you for protection were are you now Aj? I know this seems like such a stupid letter and I no you’re really not interested but at least now I can say everything I have wanted to say to u. I miss you so much I need u more then u fink:( well Aj be happy in life sing like no ones listening baz it like no ones watching and love like you will never be hurt I’ve learnt u only get one chance at life so laugh when u can apologise when you should and let go of the things u cant change! I’ll always be there for u even if u don’t want me to. I'm so proud of you and no matter what my heart will always be beside yours I’ll always be with you after all you did promise me forever
I love you
Your little sister
P.s I’ll never give up x

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