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peanut bar date
by dawn
...i remembered him. We spoke several times during that next week and arranged our first date. Which was actually just me tagging along with him to a gig.
He picked me up, asked if he could use my phone, then if we could stop around the corner at his ex's house. Istopped him right there, "is there anything else I should know that wasn't on your profile, like do you have kids i should know about?!"
he tells me "no, well, i have one more, but i hope you'll never have to know."
so we hit the annex bar for drinks. a guy comes up and takes our picture and gives it to us in a keychain.
Then we head off to muddy waters for his gig, another friend of his shows up.
She seemed very close to him, she didn't get on well with me. she was described to be 'just a friend' but she sure was shooting me looks and giving him kisses while i was pretending not to care and getting myself a peanut candy bar out of the vender.
our second real-life hook up was more like a first date also. i was meeting all the people from online that he had known for quite a while. again, the girl that was his friend kept shooting me looks, whining to sean and then getting furious and pouting in another room and basically bitching about me taking her spot. so, then i start to wonder if his big secret is that he's gigalo. he appeared not to be. i guess i was young and very believing, cause now when i look at this beginning, i shake my head. i coulda been being played. maybe i am played cause i married him. i sure hope not, must be all his double entendres. we have had other issues with his friend, i think she has finally gotten the message to bug off.

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