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Spiritual Connection
by rob
Often in life you see many good looking people some your physically attracted by, others you just appreciate the their beauty. On this speacial occasion a very youthful attractive girl grabbed my soul with her eyes. It was at a Folk Festival early in July this year somewhere in beautiful BC. I saw her while watching some musical events,I had gone alone looking to be entertained as life had seemed to be without interest. Hoping to feel the sparkle of life by the crowd or the talent playing musical stories of their heritage from distant lands and long gone days. The different fabrics of cultural history and ethnic backgrounds weaving together as united canadians do. While the music and crowd seem to blurr as my attention was deeply attracted by her shapely body,and her beautiful facial characteristics. It would seem as though she was distracted by her family outing yet coyly attracted to me. Her attention divided by her family the music the crowd and yet in this short period of time she was displaying this natural attractive interest. Her eyes soothing with emotional caress speaking without saying words. I moved closer to let her know of my interest in her attention. Yet with the time seeming to stop yet pass by so quickly, before we could talk the musical show had ended and she and her family started to leave. Leaving the event I was taken by the fact I hadnt said or tried to talk to her yet was confident the arrows of love had struck my heart and this meeting if destine by fate would happen. What was I to do, panicked for the timing of words and for the lulling feeling she emnated from her beautiful person and calming dispostion. I left feeling I had just met if only through eye contact a extremely beautiful young lady waiting for a spirtual chance to unite.
As she and her family disappeared into the crowds I was happy yet sad. Having met yet with out words someone who spoke to my heart with her peaceful looks of coyness.
I was resolved if fate would would bring us together their would be a time when the trees and flowery scenery would melt into the natural scenary as we came together into a flowing conversations. Fate guided us into these paths and nature and pureness will bring us together. We have parted yet remain together. Time and space will bring us together again. I believe we will be guided together by the heavenly angels. Is she my soulmate?
Only God knows! Do you have faith? cupid strikes again, Darn!

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