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The night that changed my life!!!
by Liz Lafague
We had chatted a few times online. Just casual conversation..kind of playful, never thinking it would amount to anything. You see we lived about 3 hours apart so I truly didnt think either one of us would ever make the drive. We had seen each other on cam so we both knew what each other looked like. He was very good looking, too good looking I thought. I had this preconceived notion that really good looking men are all players, I think I still do. Anyway, in one of those online conversations he asked me for my address & I gave it to him, crazy I know but I didn't think he'd ever make the drive. To my surprise, he showed up at my house late one evening after I had gone to bed. I was awaken by my crazy roomate screaming something about this fine guy outside. She let him & his brother in as I got dressed. I came out & couldnt say much, I was somewhat stunned. I didnt even look at him just kind of sat down next to him. Someone suggested we go get some drinks at the corner store so we did. We got in his truck & I leaned over to look at him for the first time & he leaned my way. I looked into his eyes & I felt something I had never felt before...can't even explain it today. He calls it chemistry. Anyway we came back with some beer, my roomate gave us a movie or 2 to watch & we relaxed on the couch, at some point holding hands. I felt at home with him. At some point we went into the kitchen together & thats when he held me close & kissed me. Passionately & lovingly. I felt safe with him. His touch, his lips had my insides screaming for more!! At this point I made the decision to go with what I wanted & nothing else. I took his hand & led him to my bed. The evening was nothing I had ever experienced. Absolutely incredible. Neither one of us wanted it to end. It was morning by the time he left. We hugged & I didnt want to let go, I guess because I didnt expect to see him ever again. He left that morning but persistantly stayed in my life. So much so that now about 6 months after that incredible evening he is now my "HUSBAND."

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