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It began so awfully
by Autumn
I met Dave at the home of a mutual friend. We had some flirtations and some phone conversations before we decided to go out and see how we did on a date. He was to pick me up from my Saturday afternoon class at 5pm and we'd do dinner.

At 530 I called his cell phone. He had fallen asleep after spending the afternoon detailing his car in preparation for our date. He was on his way in just a few minutes. Once he arrived, we still had to get gas before we could leave for dinner. We couldn't decide on where to go for dinner, then once we decided, we couldn't pick which one (it's a chain) was nearer. We finally decided and were driving to the restraunt when his little pick up truck got slammed from behind by a car that swerved into our lane. Our lane was the only one that was not yet moving from the red light. We were both okay, just shaken, and the lady who hit us was basically fine as well although she was holding her arm. He called the police on his cell phone and directed traffic around our vehicles while I calmed the woman who hit us. Her car was wrecked and his had some damage, but was still drivable.

Once I'd gotten her to stop crying I said, "You know, you're ruining our first date." She replied, "Your first date ever?" (I was 22.) "No no, but our first date together." "Well," she replied, "at least you'll have something to talk about."

Although I'm sure we'd have come up with something to talk about, he was first concerned about me, then about the woman who hit us, then calmly handled the situation. At dinner he was a gentleman and we had a wonderful time despite the harrowing events of the early part of the evening. That first date was reflective of how our relationship would be. He is first concerned about me, then those around us, and calmly handles every situation with grace.

With all the little factors that put us in that place at that time, it was meant to be. Perhaps we too are simply meant to be. We've been dating for almost 5 years and recently moved in together.

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