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such a fun day!!!
by salvee
first of all u can say this was a first date. well im with my crush at PGA n we were suppose to be wit our friends but they sort of ditched us(2 times) in da beginning me n my crush(cliford) rides triple play. which afterwards gets me a bit dizzy. den we went to da washroom while friends go n ride a roller coaster but wen me n cliff get out we find out that they left us. then we walk along to this one other ride that goes in circles in a fast way n dat got me a bit more dizzy. n we saw our friends there. lyke they rode before us n saw dat we were there. but wen we rode n were done. they juss left us again. well then me n cliford go n ride this new spongebob ride. which looks lyke its not fast wen ur juss lookin at it. but once u get on it...omg... cliford even had to keep on beggin me to go on it... darn his kyoote voice n face wen he asked me to go on... well afterwards i asked him if we can go on a bench. well he was dizzy to but he sat straight up but i laid down on his lap. then wen i was feeling better we went to this indiana jones ride where da chairs move lyke u were in da screen thing. well we were gunna go on da spongebob ride but da indiana jones ride was much shorter. well me n him are in line lyke right next to da door n i was styll kinda dizzy so i sat on da floor n he said "r u okae?" or sumthing lyke dat n i said ya but im styll juss a bit dizzy then i stood up n he wrapped his arms around me n i felt so happy dat i wasn't even dizzy at all. well we finally went in... n da ride juss started then while i was watching i noticed dat cliford wasn't even paying attention to da screen. then i turn my head to him and asked "whut?" n he said "oh nothing" den he paused n said "can i kiss you?" n at dat point i was kinda shocked but in dat dazed happi feeling n i said "um, ya.. okae" den he leaned to me but i only let him kiss me on da cheek. den wen da ride was over we left holding hands. i was so happi. but den we rode da ride again cuze da line was so short. n do u noe whut happens next? well we finally kiss n it was such a special moment for me... n afterwards he won me this spongebob toy thing... n later we went to wack a mole thing n 3 ppl had to play at least 3 ppl. so it was him n this one guy n he asked me to play even though i knew i would lose... n at da end i was da one who won... of course i was laughing but cliford was smiling... n didn't want da toy i won dat i was giving him u noe how guise want to be better then the gurl... well oh well... anywho i made him take da spongebob doll thing (which was bigger than da one he gave me) hehe... we styll had a great time... n we met up with da ditchers n they apologized n i got a bit soaked on this one thing which u pull this lever n two ppl are standing under one of da two pipes... which one side would have water poured down on one of da ppl... well i juss wanted to get wet so i went under whichever side had da water going down... n i was soaked... n ran up to cliford n gave hi a big hug... n so he got wet to so ^_^ yup u can say dat was our first fun date...

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