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I DO NOT go out on blind dates..!
by Nicole
A few months after I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years a good friend from high school called me and said she had this amazing guy she wanted me to meet.. I said "I DO NOT go out on blind dates", (note: I went through a stage where I internet dated like crazy and despite a few fab encounters I ended up swearing off blind dates for life) ... but nevertheless did agree to take his number and call him. I will never forget that first phone conversation. He was so surprised to hear from me, didnt actually think I would call him but that conversation lasted over an hour, we just chatted and chatted.. Afterwards we agreed to meet the next week for dinner. I was not nervous at all on the night in question, but managed to almost mess it up by going to the wrong venue!!! I was still dressed in my power suit (I came straight from work) was skinny (thank god) had smooth blowdried hair (normally its a mop) and he arrived soon after me. He told me afterwards how nervous he was because apparently he asked the manager of the bar what I looked like and when he was told I was beautiful he almost ran away! When he finally came up and shook my hand and introduced himself he had the CUTEST big smile on his face and he kind of looked sideways at me and said hello! He had red hair and freckles and the most amazing chocolate coloured eyes and I was always addicted to red hair so he was off to a great start.. Not tall but very nice body and with shoulders the size of small mountains. I was totally smitten! This man was MINE!! After a few drinks we went out for dinner where I introduced him to sushi for the first time in his life - You could see he was terrified by the chopsticks but he mastered them - almost - effortlessly! He was so brave. (Needless to say we are both avid sushi fanatics these days). After a fabulous (expensive) dinner and a few drinks he took me for coffee and we were both really rather drunk at that stage.. He declined to kiss me goodnight even - just shook my hand.. He was a perfect gentleman. We shared a truly magical time and he proposed to me only a month after we met!

We have been together for nine months and moved to Dubai 2 months ago to further his career. We will be getting married here before the end of 2005 and we are totally in love with one another. I am convinced I have got the last of the truly fantastic men available.

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