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TeArZ Of BlOoD
by Nishu
da dae i met him wuz da dae my lyfe went upside down under my nose n i didn evn kno it!
Oct-31: Me and my friend were standing at a shell bus stop and waiting for a bus. (near da lights) when my eyez rolled 2 a red car! and in there wuz a reallly cute/hot guy drinking mcdonalds drink and i couldn't get my eyes off him i slapped my friends shoulder and said yo mandeep chek it out man. oooooo he's dayemmm hot! she screamed and she pulled me more closer near da lights dey were red and were bout to turn green! and when we got close 2 him to take a closer look he looked at me and then i went and hid behind mandeep and den came bac out and blushed n smiled, he smiled bac and da lights turned green.

He pointed strait, and i saw him as he drove off and he suddenly turned right and i wuz like omg omg omg n den he honked and i knew he wuz callin us so i go there and he askz me my name n i tell him! i actually tell him my real name "nishu" i replied n he's like o hey im jimmy and he askz if i have a #. and i replied HellL NoOo u want me to die i don't give my # to ny1 he writez dwn his cell number and gives it to me and sayz dat he'd b looking forward into da call.

Next 2 dayz i didnt call him cause i needed som tyme 2 decide and shyt but den mandeep made me call him at lunch tyme so i did and he fixed up a date to pick me up from school da next day. And we went behind our church and he parked in da alley and he KIZZED ME! wow i wuz in love

Next month there was this new guy goin in2 my morning bus and 1 brwn guy kept sitting wid me evn though half da bus seets were empty he wuz hot. and anoder guy dat got on from 1 stop ahead of minez kept starin at da hottie comin 1 sit wid me n my frnd kept on givin him dirty looks. And one day when da hot guy wuz bou 2 come sit wid me da qt guy(da 1 my frnd gave dirty lookz 2) sat beside me n took da hottie's seat so i kept givin him dirty lookz fo takin over da spot of da hottie. and a week later he sat wayy at da front.

Nov 6 (My birthday) my bf who is jimmy i talked 2 him on da fone and he told me he wuz buzy dat dae 2 evn come n see me and when i wuz at da skool stop after skool he wuz at da lights WID DA CUTE GUY FRM DA BUS! nd i wuz like omg n he honked at me to get in. and i told him i wuz like who da hell is he? n jimmy said dat he's my cozin bobby and i wuz like uh and den we drove off and bobby slid his hand in2 my shirt and jimmy looked and i wuz like jimmmmmmy help! and he's like o dont worry hes my brother. i got mad at jimmy i actualli thought dat jimmy is a player nd so i tri gettin out of it but i coldnt my heart wuz tryin 2 telme not to go wid jimmy but i did. jimmy told me he wuz a bad boi. and den dropped me off at my house. n bobby kept wanting to know where my house wuz and i didnt tell him but he found out when jimmy dropped me off. bobby comes to my house da next day and he asks me if i relly liked jimmy or him and i told him i think he's kinda cute a lil. and den he called someone 2 pick him up and he wuz waitin at my door and in da dark i coldnt c. da car wuz coming and bobby grabbed me and gamme a hug. and i wuz likeaww daz sweet and when da car came closer. i saw da color (RED) nd inside da car wuz jimmy nd bobby said bye baby and got in da car. da next night i call jimmy and he tellz me dat y wuz bobby at my house and wht did we do? and he tells me dat bobby told him dat i had sex wid him but i DIDNT! AND JIMMY SAID DAT IT WUZ OVER DAT HE DSNT WANNA GO WID DA GIRL DAT DSNT LIKE HIM BUT LIKEZ HIS FRIEND. and i cried all night dat night nd didn sleep fo like a week i cried all nights n da next week bobby came to my house to settle thingz dwn but actualli he wuz there to rape me! nd he did dat when jimmy wuz havin sex wid me i thoought i had jimmy bac. but bobby took pic's of me nd jimmy havin it and after dat he forced me in2 havin sex wid him. c how i went from a really nice gud grl 2 a super bad grl! if u think diz is a joke it It aint itz all tru and it hapened to me. i cut myself wid knives my heart still loved jimmy cause when i called him and tears came down my eyes he cried 2 and told me how stupid he wuz to evn meet me on my brdae wid bobby there. now bobby is my enemy and i h8 him alottt mor dan hell and i wanna kill him. bobby is a fuker nd a playa and he knoz like evry1 in my town. i h8 him like shyttttt... but ima get my revenge real soon. evry1 callz me a slut jus because of him he shoed a cople of frndz dose pic's he took n evrytin... there is alot mor to my story but daz all i can write now...

For The Similarities and the Same Experiance of The Lyfe We've Seen...

Got Hurt alot
Left In tears
But now....
We gotta fight our fears
and live lyfe
jus one mor tyme
giv sm1 anoder chance
2 take ur heart
and keep it 4ver
n never b apart
som1 dat wont evr hurt u
or evn make u cry
and instead dey'll
make u 4get
whtz hapened in ur past lyfe
dey'll lov u alot till dey die
dey will make u smile
and not let a tear shed from ur eyez
dey'll b there
when u need them most
Making u happy
and never lettin u go...

Died for Love-
I sit in the park where I dwell,
For this boy I love so well.
He took my heart away from me,
Now he wants to set me free.
I see a girl on his lap,
He says things to her he never
said to me.
I ran home to cry on my bed,
Not a word to mother was said.
Father came home late that night,
He looked at me from left to right.
He saw me hanging from a rope,
He took his knife to cut me down.
And on my dress a note was
Dig my grave, Dig it deep.
Dig my grave, From head to feet.
And on the top place a dove.
And remember this, I died for love...

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