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on a snowy day
by Mike
In northern Virginia, when it snows, school usually gets canceled. For the past week or two, a girl (VR) had been popping up at unexpected times at school, and seeming very friendly. I knew her as someone who had gone out with one of my friends, but she was 3 years younger than me. She lived in the same housing development, out in the country. One day, it snowed about 4 inches, enough to get school canceled. I plucked up my courage and called her, to see if she would be interested in coming over - my parents were home, it was all very proper. She surprised me by accepting. I was 18, and had never been on a date. We just talked and had fun that day. I had my own car, and it was a 45 min. bus ride to school, or about 20 min by car. So I asked if she'd like to ride in to school with me. I started to pick her up every day, and got to know her better. After about a week of this, I asked her out for a real date, to a T Rex concert. She accepted, and when the day came I was really nervous - she was beautiful, even if only 15, and I was an unpopular geek.
When I was getting ready to pick her up for the concert, I noticed I had a flat tire. Oh no! We'd be late! Now what? My grandmother came to my rescue, and loaned me her spiffy black Cadillac. So instead of my beat up Pontiac, we got to ride to the concert in style. At the concert, VR was a wild woman - she loved to move to the music, and it was in a big gym like place, where we sat on the floor, even though T Rex was a nationally known group at the time (1972). We enjoyed the loud music, and then went back to my house. On another date a week or two later, we saw the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I worked up courage to put an arm around her during the movie, (driving my grandmother's Cadillac again), and after we left the movie, I noticed she suddenly sat a lot closer to me than on the way there! That night was our first kiss, and we stayed together as a couple for just over two years, and stayed friends for another 6 years after that, when an unfortunate misunderstanding separated us. I wonder where she is now...

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