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A lot of Firsts on a Field Trip
by Lolo
I had signed up to go to the Texas state fair on a field trip with my high school. I didn't think I would know anyone on the trip because it was mostly upperclassmen going. When I got dropped off, I sat on one of the benches outside and started to read a book that I brought. The next thing I knew, a pillow hit me upside my head. I looked up and there stood my hugest crush, right in front of me, smiling to where his cute dimples showed. We started to talk and the busses started to load. We decided to be trip buddies and sat the whole 4 hours it took to get there together. We talked about stuff like who we liked or didn't like and things of that matter. We got there and for some reason, I felt really safe with him. I had a boyfriend at the time (but had obviously forgotten him) and he had a girlfriend. We had a great time. During the first hour we were there, he started to hold my hand then my waist, but since we were constantly on the move, it didn't last long. About three hours later, he started to give what he called "half kisses." I hadn’t ever had a kiss before, so that's why it was a "half kiss." We went through this water thing that shot up from the ground and got soaked, but still it didn’t put a damper on what he had started.
During the football game near the end of the field trip, we snuck off to the walking ramps and danced, half kissed, and saw the fireworks (I don't know if anyone else saw them though). I had told him that my mom said; when I was with the person, my heart desired we would see fireworks. After riding a couple of rides together, we finally loaded on to the buses and they turned off the lights. I got my first real kiss (French). It was a big deal. I would give you the rest of the details, but that is between that person and me. It was a night I will never forget and my heart won't either. I wish I could say we became boyfriend and girlfriend after that, but we didn't and I was left broken hearted. I will write if something ever does become of us, but don't hold your breath.

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